Oslo Dokumentarkino er i 2013 støttet av Institusjonen Fritt Ord, Oslo kommune og Norsk filminstitutt

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NB. The registration is only for the conference
on Friday. Tickets are required for the Master Class with Eyal Sivan and will be sold on Saturday from 17:00 at Litteraturhuset.
Cash only.

Friday, Sept. 13 and Saturday, Sept. 14, 2013
at Litteraturhuset


The Oslo Conference

20 years after the Oslo Accords. Is there
still any hope for a two-state solution?

- Fri. 13: Conference with discussions, talks and film
(Registration necessary)

- Sat. 14: Master class with filmmaker Eyal Sivan

(Tickets for the Master Class sold on Saturday from 17:00)

In collaboration with LeMonde diplomatique Teatertanken and Dag Hammarskjøldprogrammet.

Salam Fayyad, the Palestinian Prime Minister for the past five years, will be at Litteraturhuset in Oslo on Friday to partake in a panel with Terje Rød-Larsen and Jan Egeland. Israeli filmmaker Eyal Sivan will also be at Litteraturhuset to talk and show his films Common State and Jaffa - The Orange's Clockwork.

Other participants: Mustafa Barghouti, Radi Jarai, Torgeir Larsen, Shir Hever, Omar Barghouti, Ingeborg Moa, Stiian van der Merwe, Dalit Baum, Dror Feiler, Alia Alrosan, Ben Rivers, May Odeh and Thomas Kufus.

The United States Secretary of State John Kerry is working on new negotiations for a two-state solution. Others have given up on that idea and are advocating for a one-state solution.

Some also want to abolish the Palestinian Authority, putting the responsibility of the occupation solely on Israel.

What is the road ahead for Israel and Palestine, now 20 years after Norway hosted the Oslo Accords?

Common State - Potential Conversation
Eyal Sivan, Israel/France 2012,
124 min (In Arabic and Hebrew,
subtitled in English)

Program Friday, September 13, 13:30 - 21:30 
at Litteraturhuset:


(13.30 – 17:00)
A three-part political section:

1. STATUS – the future of the Oslo Accords and Palestinian Authority
Salam Fayyad (Fatah), Terje Rød-Larsen (International Peace Institute, IPI - New York), Jan Egeland (Norwegian Refugee Council)

2. VISION – one-state or two-state solution?
Mustafa Barghouti (PNI), Radi Jarai (Fatah), Torgeir Larsen (Norwegian Foreign Department), Shir Hever (economist).

3. ACTION – boycot and the example of South-Africa
Omar Barghouti (BDS), Ingeborg Moa (NPA), Stiian van der Merwe.


(17:30 – 21:30)
– A three-part cultural section

1. Initiatives of activism

Dalit Baum (israeli activist), Dror Feiler (Israeli artist), Alia Alrosan and Ben Rivers (Freedom Theatre, Jenin).

2. Documentary film as criticism
Filmmakers Eyal Sivan and May Odeh.

Thomas Kufus (project 24 hours Jerusalem)

3. Film screening
Screening of Common State - Potential Conversation, introduced by Israeli filmmaker Eyal Sivan.

Common State is a conversation between twenty Palestinians and Israelis, edited together, with different views and perspectives on the situation in Israel/Palestine and the possibilities of a two-state or one-state solution. The film is long, but filled with very interesting points well worth listening to. The conversation goes beyond the dilemmas we normally hear about the conflict.

Jaffa - The Orange's Clockwork
Eyal Sivan,
Israel/Frankrike/Tyskland/Belgia 2009,
86 min (In Arabic, Hebrew, English,
subtitled in English)

Tickets to Master class + film:
100 NOK sold at the entrance.
Tickets sale starts on Saturday at 17:00.
Saturday, September 14 at 18:00

Master Class with Eyal Sivan

followed by a screening of

Jaffa - The Orange's Clockwork

Jaffa - The Orange's Clockwork is the story of Jaffa and how oranges from Jaffa went from being a predominantly Palestinian export product to become a symbol of Israel. As in many of his films, Eyal Sivan is concerned with changing our understanding of history.

In the Master Class before the film screening Eyal Sivan will talk about using film as a tool for activism, to change perceptions about history and about political use of memory. These and other topics have made him a highly controversial figure in the societal debate in Israel. He was only 21 when he moved to France in 1985 and has since lived his life sharing his time between Europe and Israel. He has made several films on these topics.

In collaboration with LeMonde diplomatique
and Films from the South

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